Wood Cockpit construction – Part 3

par | 25 Mar, 2017 | Blog


MARCH, 2017

The Carpet has been added and the leather too. The Overhead lights works well. I’m still waiting for the Flight Desk from Ruscool but it seems to be nearly finished.

The Video projector is here. I’m actually making a rail system fo fix it and that allow me to move it. Because the ceiling is low (211 cm), I need to make a system that don’t waste me too much hight. I use an Optoma 320UST (Very Short Focal) and when the Video Projector is hanged to the ceiling, I lose almost 40cm (from the beginning of the ceiling and where the Image start). So the image start at almost 171 cm from the floor (that’s not very high).

The 100″ Screen will arrive in 3 weeks.

The 2 Lateral Screens are now hanged up on the Doors…

Cockpit Wood View 2

The 2 Lateral Screens are now Hanged in the Windows

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