Why a Cessna Sim ?

Create a Real Size flight simulator, here is how my dream became my passion…

The idea of a flight simulator emerged a very long time ago. At 14 years old, I of discover Flight Simulator 1998 with my 1st Joystick. 2 years after, the famous Flight Simulator 2000 went out in shelves and I hurried to bought it.

My totally consuming passion of the aviation overrode a little too much my Schooling, thus I decided to leave it out (but still having it at the back of my mind). In 2014, my passion came back when I saw the Video of Laurent Aigon. In Paris, in the rain, the idea to begin Flights Courses in the very well known ‘ Toussus Le Noble Airports” did not delighted. I decided then to create my own simulator and to learn by myself.

The 1st version of the Simulator :

This first version used the Saitek Controllers connected on my iMac with XPlane 10:

I quickly felt the limit and I decided to make something more advanced, where the immersion shall be the closest possible of the reality.

Thus I built “a Cockpit based” on 5 screen with a 140° view …

The 2nd version of the Simulator :

I have then improve the the system by adding Rudders pedal from TRC, Radios from Flight Illusion and custom-made Flight-desk by Ruscool.

Version 1 using Saitek Parts

Version 2 improved using Ruscool Panel and Radios from Flight Illusion

This hybrid cockpit had also its limits. It was made for several type of aircrafts and the immersion wasn’t total as in a real Flight Simulator.

The 3rd version : The most accomplished…

I then decided to build something even more accomplished where immersion was the closest possible of the real aircraft.

By browsing YouTube, I found the Videos of Flight Sim Liberty and On The Glide Slope  and I though ” that’s exactly what I want ! “.

The videos of Flight Sim Liberty :

And the videos of On The Glide Slope :

Why a Cessna Sim ?

Because they are very stable, reliable, pleasant and resistant aircrafts and used for training as well as for flight leisure.

Big fan of this plane, whether it is 172, 182 or 206, I then decided to reproduce it in simulator. The difference between the 3 being rather light, I started the Sim on a 206 Model, declined in 172 and 182.

Why not Liners ?

Because I like VFR and because I need to feel that I can fly this aircraft in the real. It is not very probable that I fly one day my own Boeing737…

From this point, I think about the possibility of a Cessna Simulator as closest as possible of reality …

Final Cessna Cockpit…

After month of planning and waiting for the different parts of the Cockpit to be manufacturing, the result looks as real as I expected.

The Cockpit is in dual control and almost every parts works (appart Cabin Heat & Defrost Button for example).

Le C172 ou Skyhawk

 C172 or Skyhawk

Le C182 ou Skylane

C182 or Skylane

Le C206 ou Stationair

C206 or Stationair

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